Dammit, i didn't want to do it but here's my response to the whole Charly Abdo upheavel.

Is it Beer O'Clock?

Ofcourse not! At least..... Not for you!

You know the west would say ok to this actually... SAD

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My intention was to refraim from writing something in relation to the attacks in Paris and the scramble that seems to have erupted in response to them. I honestly didn't think that there was any point to it. Especially when i learned the numbers of people participating in the events organized to protest against the attacks. I even sensed the sparkle of a flickering of hope that the moment at which western society would collectively accept that Islam has no place in our civilization, is a threat to our way of life and that Islam has to be removed out of our communities and our society in order to stop it from damaging them or even destroying it completely.


I was not surprized though when i heard the leaders of our governments speak, the masses chant and the mass media report providing those in ignorance with background and opinions. At first glance very emtional (heartfelt shock, grief, anger and determination) condemning the attacks, the violence and in defence of the freedom of expression, except for the part where those who should be adressed by expressions of those expressions were left unnamed. 'Jihadists', 'extremists', 'terrorists' and other different identifications were used when it was felt that 'the attackers' or 'the purpotrators' wasn't appropriate but never was the word Islam or Muslim used when referring to the men and women who carried out the attacks, and ofcourse those who fascilitated them, supported them, helped them, directed them and or teached them. Nothing we've not seen happen before or will see happen in the future.


The “chatter” on the interwebs, exploding with hashtags, facebook pages, tumblr stumbles and whathaveyou, was also following the predictable scenarios we have seen before, though in some places and circles the tone and character of the 'debate' or 'conflict' was much more agressive and offensive than ever. Pretty much the anti-islam side going off on the “we told you so” and “No more! Revenge!” tangeants to which the islamofiles respond with their usual “not my Islam” and “Those attackers were not real muslims” themed denial reflexes.


It took a day or maybe a little longer before the tsunami passed but eventually things settled back down again and it seemed i had managed to get through it without getting myself involved in it in any way, save inner termoil and private anger and disgust. But then i learned the Dutch government had scheduled a debate on if, and if so which, measures had to be taken by the government as a result of the attacks in France. I had honestly expected them not to even bother talking about it let alone hold an official debate about actually doing something about or because of it. Slightly encouraged i listened and watched the debate and about halfway through it i was sick. I was litterally sick as in about to projectile vomit the content of my insides including the organs holding them over a distance of several meters level disgustingly horridly sick making ebola seem like an attractive little cough.


The new levels of mental and oral gymnastics our governing representatives displayed to avoid even the slightest hint of asosciation of Islam with the attacks or with any form of violence and terror was staggering. And when one man who does see Islam for what it is stated his standpoint and views and of those he and his party represent was finished they grabbed the opertunity to avoid having to talk about the attacks all together and attack said politician and his statements instead. I had no illusions about the capability of the policor politicians to ignore logic, facts and reality to hang on to their twisted and impossible idea that Islam is a religion of peace and all true Muslims are against violence and condemn the extremist interpretation of Islam as much as they do. But i never even suspected that it could be possible to run as deep as i witnissed it to run in that dispicable karikature of a government at work.


I do not, simply can not, understand that no one mentions or perhaps even is aware of the statistical reality that 85% or more of the acts of violence in the world in the last decade were comitted by Muslims or in the name of Islam. If you doubt this is true, ask google yourself. And to forestall any debate about “the terrorists do not represent Islam or aren't Muslims” i define a Muslim as someone who identifies him/herself as Muslim, believes the Qur'an is the literal word of Allah and Muhammed was his prophet and aspires to live according to the life and teachings of Muhammed.


In fact in that decade in which the old terrorist organisations in the western world shrank in size and power (in some cases eventually becoming part of the government's democratic processes) to eventually vanish (anyone seen any IRA, ETA or RAF activity lately?) the terrorist organisations of the Islam like the PLO, Hamas or Muslim brotherhood have been fruitfull and have multiplied. They've spawned Al-Qaida, Taliban, Boko-Haram and eventually even IS who now overwhelm their parent's organisations in both the the size and power of their organizations as well as the level of violent terror and ruthlessness they use to achieve their goals.


Any one who looks with a little seriousness and honesty at the Muslims in the world today to try and figure out what they really believe, what they really want, and how they consider 'us' will find that what is often understood as being moderate, and thus against the 'extremists' beliefs and acts is simply a lack of response and when pressured to do so an obligatory condemnation so the attention turns somewhere else. In truth though when faced with a choice between the 'terrorists' and 'us' their choice was, is and will always be for their Muslim brothers. The Qur'an and Muhammed place as much emphasis on little else as much as they do on the unity of the Muslim community specifically involving dealing with those who are not Muslim. Many would not oppose Sharia being introduced here in the West or even welcome it, and their Qur'an is 100% the same as the Qur'an the so called extremists have. Letter for letter actually. And their Muhammed is the exact same Muhammed as that of those Jihadists, and he lived the same life and said the same thing or so others said they heard others claim to have heard Muhammed say it.


I simply never fully understand how so many 'policor' people can be so deliberately blind to seeing that Islam is not compatible with everything 'we' consider to be our core values and pretty much everything we consider to be our way of life. Our way cannot coëxist with their way and in such cases it's pretty much the Highlander movie plot: “There can be only one”


Unless ofcourse you're fine with submitting to the supremacy of Islam and pay a percentage of your income to the Islam for not killing you and allowing you to live as a subjugated second rate filthy infidel. To me that thought gives me insight into the motto “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees”


What the current state of the western people's minds means for our future, to me, paints a very grimm picture indeed. One of the consequences of our Democracy is that there's not going to be anything done unless the majority decides it needs to be done. The moment will come that 'we' will decide that we have no choice but to fight to defend life as we know it and it all depends on if that moment will be before or after the point at which 'we' can still do anything or if Islam will have grown to large and powerfull for us to oppose it. Simple birth and death statistics show that for every western newborn there are 3.1 new slaves of Allah. And that is the rate in our societies, not in comparison to the Islamic nations. If Muslims do nothing but simply maintain the status queuo they will have the majority vote to abolish Democracy and proclaim their Caliphate all legally according to our own Democratic freedoms and principles without firing a single shot by the year 2100.


Let that sink for one moment. That's only 85 years from now. Your children might live to see it happen. Your child might experience being forced by law, Democratically and legally justified by referendum, to choose between converting and becoming a Muslmim, submitting himself to the superiority of Islam and paying a tax only non-muslims have to pay or being exiled or being killed. Your children might experience life under the Sharia law. This is, to me, a deeply deeply disturbing thought, and that is simply without considering the violent and bloodthirsty aspects of the religion we are now only getting glimpses of.

We cannot do away the matter of islam praying on ignorant illeterate poor people in the middle east either. The many many young western jihadists that have gone to Syria and Iraq to join the IS are mostly third generation western born, raised, and educated Muslims who have had their entire lives to experience our civilization and freedoms and they still leave everything behind to risk their lives in the sandbox of the middle east. Some even return intent of doing as much damage, and kill as much of us, as they possibly can. This testifies to how much they hate us and how deeply they despise our way of life. If that is how much they whish to destroy us and how badly they want to murder us, how can we not justly look upon them as danger?