Is it Beer O'Clock?

Ofcourse not! At least..... Not for you!

The NSA p0wned by a Swedish lolzer....

Check out this article:

And that's the organization that calls itself national SECURITY agency.....


Pitty the pastebin has been deleted... from that link.... :D let you know when i've found the origional post... maybe put it up here.



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A call to be cautious to the generation that follows ours.

I've come to realize something over the course of my life which if i'd known it two and a half decade ago my life wouldn't have been as meaningless as it has been now. Regardless of whatever it was i realized i learned that the conclusion of that latter part of the first statement hurt me very deep inside somehow.



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The END is NEAR!!!

Don’t go clicking away this article, rolling your eyes in disbelief and irritation thinking this is another one of those “2012 Mayan end of the world” type bullshit stories too quickly now. This isn’t like that at all. Unlike any other article with a title like this one has this article is different. This one has one thing all those other ones don’t have. This one is no bullshit. This one is accurate and true, and it predicts the end of life as we know it!



Na 24+ uur is de site van haatmoslims nog steeds gehackt

Ha, ja natuurlijk weet ik dat het eigenlijk niet zo genoemd moet worden. Spoofhacked is ook al niet het goede woord.
Maar waar het om gaat is dat al sinds gisteren niet meer naar verwijst maar naar, oh humor,!

De roze bloggers zelf zeggen er niets mee te maken te hebben maar zullen zich natuurlijk blauw lachen!


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